Lara & Shaun | 50s Rockabilly Wedding at The Wellbeing Farm


This was simultaneously one of the wettest and one of the most awesome weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing. 50s style, Llamas & Donkeys, Traditional Jewish Dancing and a Rockabilly Band…..what else can you ask for? Lara and Shaun didn’t let the rain spoil their day one tiny bit, and their photos under their umbrellas and hiding out in the greenhouse are some of my favourites ever!

Here is a quote from their vows that had me sobbing behind my camera…put together by the lovely Charlotte Simpson Ceremonies.

SHAUN: Lara, you light up my world with your energy, your sense of fun and your spirit of adventure. You bring happiness, inspiration and complete chaos to my life; and more love than I can ever put into words. You lead me into the path of hurricanes, injure me when your play fighting goes wrong and keep me awake half the night, sharing your hare-brained schemes with me - and it all just makes me love you more. Lara, I will follow you - wherever you lead us - I will always adore you and, whenever you need me, I will be the calm to your storm.

LARA: Shaun, you are the reason I’m smiling when there’s nothing to smile about. Every day you show me what real love is and you make me feel safe, secure and so, so happy. I’m in awe of your wisdom, patience and understated cool. You give me the most beautiful, thoughtful presents and you listen to me, help me and understand me. In return I hardly give you any presents - because you hide your birthday from me and you’re impossible to buy for - but I will always love you Shaun - more than I can express. And I promise to give you all the love and cuddles and you could ever need. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, Shaun, and I will love you forever.

How gorgeous is that? Anyway I’m excited to say this wedding has been accepted for a major Bridal Blog feature so you will be able to read all about it very soon! Thanks Lara & Shaun for the absolute pleasure! xxx